Photo: Abigail Trip

Bovingdons Catering has been awarded the events management contract at St John’s Waterloo. These events will sit alongside our charity and community activities together with the ongoing life of the church.

A spectacular launch was held recently, which showcased our newly restored nave which has been enhanced for worship, concerts and unique events. The crypt has been transformed into a place where community-building, arts, wellbeing and youth initiatives can thrive.

We were reminded that St John’s Waterloo is one of London’s most sustainable landmarks , featuring a carbon-neutral crypt and 80 solar panels which cover almost all of the south facing roof, making us only the fifth listed church in Central London to have them. We and our events partner aim to be at the forefront of sustainability in our new space offerings.

At the launch, potential hirers were doubly encouraged to book our spaces  as they would not only be having a wonderful experience, but would be contributing to our charitable and community projects.

Our Vicar, Giles, comments: “The restoration of St John’s has been a huge and challenging project seen through with hard work and the utmost dedication of all involved. It’s thrilling to feel the building coming to life as we reopen. The congregation and Londoners more widely are already taking the new St John’s to their hearts as they discover how much more accessible, inspiring, and welcoming the spaces are.

St John’s has served this special part of London since 1824. We were bombed in the war and rebuilt to serve a different Britain in 1951. Once again restored and transformed, we can be here to meet the needs of London’s diverse communities and to play our part in the city for another 200 years”


Photo: Kate Cullinan

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