UGANDAN LINKS:helping hands across the world.

Ida Serunjogi with children in Uganda

St. John’s for many years has been closely connected with  Uganda through the Okusinza mu Luganda Church  who share our church for their monthly meetings and some of whose members make up our congregation . One of these members is our SPA (Southwark Pastoral Auxillary) Ida Serunjogi.

lda  visits Uganda regularly  not just to reconnect with her home country but for a very special reason. She was instrumental in setting up the Sekamuli Women and children’s project, together with community leaders and local people of Sekamuli Village in the Luwero district of Uganda

The district was devastated in the 1980-85 liberation war in Uganda, which destroyed most economic activity in the area and continued for many years.Thousands of children were  left orphaned or traumatized.The project aimed to develop activities for vulnerable women and children living in the area to enable them to participate more fully in society. The project developed a community hall, a health centre charity shop and a large Sunday school.

The buildings are set in beautiful grounds

St John’s was able to support the project with money and also the cubs led by a church member Maureen Mills, who provided funds and practical gifts such as the T-shirts which were worn at the opening ceremony They are highly appreciated and valued; Maureen sadly died  a few months ago, but is remembered with loving thanks by the community.

Maureen’s last gift to Sekamuli Sunday School

The centre cotinues with its work and at present the children from the Sunday School are performing and competing with other churches to fund raise for other needs such as chairs. So far they have bought 40 chairs.

We are very grateful for these wonderful links, all the amazing people they bring together and how by sharing, we come together in love just as  Jesus taught us.

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