HAPPY NEW YEAR: How did you say it?

All over the world people will share New Year greetings in their own language. There are 7,151 languages  spoken in the world today

That number is constantly in flux, because we’re learning more about the world’s languages every day. And beyond that, the languages themselves are in flux. They’re living and dynamic, spoken by communities whose lives are shaped by our rapidly changing world. This is a fragile time: Roughly 40% of languages are now endangered, often with fewer than 1,000 speakers remaining. Meanwhile, just 23 languages account for more than half the world’s population.

The top four languages most widely spoken by native speakers are:

Mandarin Chinese     920,000,000

Spanish                       475.000,000

English                         373,000,000

Hindi                             344,000,000

In London 300 different languages are spoken.

At St John’s there are at least 12 languages spoken. So here is how to say Happy New Year in each of them:-

Happy New Year                    English

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda           Welsh

Szczęśliwego nowego roku       Polish

Bonne année                              French

Ddafrohes neues Jahr!         German

gelukkige nuwe jaar           Afrikaans

 سال نو مبارک  (selamat Tahun Baru )               Malay

سنة جديدة سعيدة   (sunuh jadidah saeiduh)    Arabic                        

Omwaka omulungi              Luganda

Ezi afọ ọhụrụ                        Igbo

feliz Ano Novo Portuguese

Now read the tribute to Viv Williamson, our Senior Community Gardener here

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